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Training and Accreditation Courses

Energy Traders offers a comprehensive range of training programs to equip installers with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully install and maintain various types of lithium batteries.

Victron Energy Training

Victron offers a variety of training options for industry professionals seeking to expand their knowledge of Victron products.

The free online training program allows for self-paced learning with exams and certificates of completion, while live in-person events and webinars provide hands-on experience and opportunities to connect with other professionals.

Recorded webinars are also available for viewing at any time. All Victron training requires a free Victron Professional account, which can be created online. Prospective learners can review available courses before registering to find the best fit.

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SAPVIA – PV GreenCard

SAPVIA aims to promote a sustainable and safe solar PV sector by establishing and maintaining quality and safety standards for solar PV installers.

The PV GreenCard programme is a leading quality assurance standard and training programme for solar PV installers. Participants undergo specialized education and training to become certified and registered on the PV GreenCard database.

This certification ensures that installers are compliant with national and municipal electrical regulations, providing clients with reassurance of the safety and quality of the installation.

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AREP – The P4 PV QA Program

The P4 platform, hosted by The Association for Renewable Energy Practitioners (AREP), is a quality assurance platform for the solar PV rooftop sector that aims to identify and reduce risks associated with solar PV stakeholders.

The platform uses five performance metrics to score and evaluate contractors on their performance, knowledge, and best practice, with a lower score indicating a higher risk. To participate in the platform, contractors must agree to the terms and conditions, take an online P4 PV test, have at least one installation evaluated using a visual evaluation form, list their installations on the AREP directory, and have end-users review their service on the P4 platform.

The platform focuses on four main standards for electrical and solar PV installations and aims to reduce risk for all stakeholders involved. The PV Performer Score, calculated based on five metrics, is out of 100 and determines a contractor’s risk.

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REVOV Accreditation Course

A course on UPS power systems and their installation is being offered at regular intervals in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Contact us for more information.

The course covers topics such as DC storage systems, battery and BMS operation, inverter and PV charger settings, and DC system case studies, and is aimed at helping professional electricians to develop their knowledge, attract more business, and offer customers assurance of their skills. 

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Alpha ESS Storion SMILE5 Commission Checklist

This document is a summary of the points that are easy to be neglected based on our long‐term onsite maintenance experience and customers’ feedbacks. Please pay much attention on it, and kindly keep in mind that proper installation and system settings can avoid most of the system errors in the future. 

P4 Site Inspection Checklist

This is the P4 visual evaluation form and scores a PV system based on the available information on site. This evaluation does not consider the design or performance of the system and checks basic information about the installation. The evaluation checks the availability of information left for the end-user, maintenance personnel and electricians who may be working on or around the system post-installation.

Quality Assurance

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