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About Us

At Energy Traders, our mission is to help our customers find peace through energy independence. With our backup battery solutions, you’ll never have to worry about scheduled blackouts or power outages again.

Our tagline, “Find Your Peace,” speaks to the sense of security and tranquility that comes with being in control of your own power supply.

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Find Your Peace

At Energy Traders, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality backup battery solutions for both residential and commercial properties. We work closely with installers to ensure that they always have the necessary stock on hand to complete any job.

In addition to supplying installers, we also welcome individuals to visit our website for information and technical specifications on batteries, solar panels, and inverters as well as general information. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge in a multitude of areas and have ensured to create a complete and up to date hub on mist topics surrounded backup batteries and getting off the grid.

We take pride in offering products from top manufacturers in the industry, so you can trust that you are getting the most reliable and efficient equipment available.

Let us help you take control of your energy supply and storage so that you can find your peace.

Thank you for choosing Energy Traders for all of your backup power needs. We look forward to working with you.

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