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5.12kWh Capacity

Recommended Retail Price (VAT incl.)

R26 940.00
R699.00 monthly

The REVOV ATOM is a compact, fully integrated all-in-one backup system with pre-programmed batteries, pre-calibrated Battery Management System’s (BMS) and a 2kW inverter.

The entire unit contains all the necessary wiring and correct fusing, as well as a kettle cord input and standard South African 3-pin socket with USB ports to connect the output devices to the Pure Sine Wave AC Output.


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Key Features

  • The REVOV ATOM is a 2kW pre-configured UPS with the immediate backup transition from grid power to battery power
  • Available in the storage size of 5.12kWh, 2 x 12.8V 200Ah batteries
  • No maintenance or fuel required
  • Output plug on the unit for use with an extension cord or directly connected device
  • Bluetooth Smartphone Application display of battery performance and state


REVOV Batteries (PTY) LTD: 3 years or 2 000 cycles. 1 year warranty for inverter used in the REVOV ATOM.

DOD When used properly every day the REVOV ATOM can be safely discharged to 80% of its rated 200Ah capacity. Battery life is shortened if it is discharged beyond its rated Ah capacity.

Technical Specifcations

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