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Longi Solar Panels

Smart Soldering

Uniform smart soldering increases the power and efficiency of the module and improves the power load capacity.


Optimized Module Size

M10 wafer and 54 cell design, fully considering the size and weight of modules in distributed applications.


Smart Module Packaging and Logistics

Smart module packaging solutions are used to achieve high reliability, low-cost transportation and logistics.

Optimized Electrical Parameters

The working current is about 13A, which is perfectly adapted to mainstream string inverters.


Gallium-doped Technology

Gallium-doped technology overcomes LID degradation and guarantees the long-term power generation of the module.

Hi-Mo6 415 – 430W

LR5-5HTH 415-430W

Recommended Retail Price (VAT incl.)


Hi-Mo5 555W

LR5-72HPH 535~555M

Recommended Retail Price (VAT incl.)



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Key Features

  • Based on M10-182mm wafer, the best choice for ultra-large power plants
  • Advanced module technology delivers superior module efficiency
    • M10 Gallium-doped wafer
    • Smart Soldering
    • 9-busbar half-cut cell
  • Excellent outdoor power generation performance
  • High module quality ensures long-term reliability
  • 12-year warranty for materials and processing
  • 25-year warranty for extra linear output

Technical Specifcations

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