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HV 71.68kWh

716.8V 100AH 71.68kWh

HV 716.8V 100Ah 71.68kWh LiFePO4 high voltage battery. Including an easy-to-install system of rack-mounted batteries with no configuration requirements, resulting in incredibly straightforward no-configuration swop in and out of battery modules in case of fault.

Built with regulation in mind with included fuses and DC breakers isolating both the negative and positive terminals of the full battery string.

System monitoring on a local and remote level is included with remote setting adjustability and the ability to receive remote firmware updates in case required.

Product specifications

  • 4 x 51.2V 100Ah modules
  • PDU with straightforward lights for easy debugging
  • In-depth user interface via local Wi-Fi portal for easy system configuration
  • Simple user configurable communications to inverter
  • In-depth remote monitoring built-in with a system for remote visibility and early warning of potential faults.
  • Cabinet available as an optional extra with the system fully wired and integrated
  • Warranted for 10 years or 5000 cycles at 85% DoD


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    Technical Specifcations

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