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HV 100kWh

HV 460V 220Ah 100kWh

HV 460V 220Ah 100kWh LiFePO4 high voltage battery is a large capacity 460V battery built with the ATESS HPS in mind for commercial and industrial operation.

Constructed with high quality grade cells and mechanical structure for DC-coupled applications, this battery is built for use with transformer-based PCSs.

Features included local and remote monitoring of specific battery telemetry ranging from per-cell visibility all the way up to data relating to each battery string.

Product specifications

  • User Interface with E-stop button and LED Indicator lights.
  • Maintenance DC Breaker Switch
  • PDU Box with External Power Supply
  • Communication Ports (CAN/RS485)
  • 18 x 25.6V 220Ah 5.6Wh LiFePO4 Batteries
  • WIFI based local in-depth monitoring.
  • Remote monitoring of battery installation
  • Warranted for 10 years or 5000 cycles at 85% DoD


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    Technical Specifcations

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