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Greenrich HV Battery Stack

19.783kWh – 500kWh | 204.8V – 768V | 1.5C 


  • High C Rating
    • Supports 1.5C continuous discharge, 1C charge rate

  • Modular
    • Modular design, no need to oversize the storage system

    • Replace a module without removing the entire battery and bringing the site down
    • Easily expandable, the batteries can be stacked in series to support different voltage requirements

  • Reliability
    • 6000 cycles lifes
    • 10 years warranty, no single point of failure
  • Intelligence
    • High current detection accuracy, two detection loop used
    • Compatible with 150V-900Vdc system
    • Master and slave design, more stable and safer operation to maintenance system
    • Reliable communication and Cloud display of data
    • Support most PCS/PWG (Inverters) in the market, like Solis, ATESS, Deye, Sinexcel, Megarevo, Goodwe
    • Support remote monitoring and upgrading through wifi or 4G mode


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